Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Most of neices quilt done and list of favorite things

So I realize that I am a newbie quilter and am just learning but loving every minute of it.  I am in the home stretch so to speak regarding my neices quilt.  Here is just a short example of what I have done with it from the backside only because I am doing previews of the process for my sister-in-law and don't want to spoil the surprise until it is totally finished.  So sorry that you only get the back view.

Also on the favorite things list.  Don't know if my mug rug secret partner reads this but I figure I would drop some hints.  I picked up a Debbie Macomber book today and I love this author she writes so well it is unbelieveable draws you right into the story right from the first few pages and keeps you wanting to read more.  Highly recommended.  Other than my love for sushi, I picked up to teas that were on sale and my favorite such as English Breakfast Tea and Earl Grey.  Also couldn't resist a Starbucks gift card as well as a quilting magazine.  Am I addicted or what. 

Went today to my favorite quilt store and of course some bolts jumped into my arms (hey it can happen) so I got more fabric, then off to my other quilt store around the corner (yes competition) and got more quilt related stuff.  (I really need to stop but I am loving it too much)

Well I do need to get back to the quilt, I am hoping to finish it by this weekend.

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