Saturday, May 14, 2011

Beginning Post

I am very new to quilting and have been busy making blocks for swaps on flicker and loving it.  What got me into flicker was Leah Day and I learned about her blog from trying to figure out how to free motion quilt.  I think I got it well hopefully.  Anyway, I had a small sewing machine crisis with a Brother sewing machine that was advertised for quilting.  Did a good job of it until the needle went through the bobbin case and split it then the days of that machine were over (sigh).  Oh well ... then came the horror of trying to find another machine.  So I tried ebay which was a big mistake, I was trying to get a Viking machine because I have heard so many good things about their machines.  So I overbid on an older Viking that did quilting and embroidery.  I had dreams of making these heirloom qualty quilts that everyone would love and for once I wouldn't get laughed at because what I made was so horrible.  (did I say I am still learning)  Well...we took it into a Viking shop to see if the thing was worth keeping only to find out that the motor was going out on the machine and it would take more than I paid for the machine on ebay to repair it.  Luckily the seller had a 30 day money back guarantee on the machine.  So...I mailed the sucker back with tracking and insurance as well as requiring the seller to sign for it.  After I know that it has been delivered another email will go out to the seller for my money back. 

Meanwhile through all of this drama, I decided to buy a low end Janome.  Now no offense to Janome owners but my experience with this machine is that Janome sucks!!  The machine kept jamming on me only after a few stitches of just piecing I would have to fight to remove the material out from under the foot and unjamn the thing.  So that experience alone has turned me off to Janome machines.  Anyway, me and dear hubby went to Jo Ann Crafts and was planning on buying a Singer Confidence Quilting machine, but the lady at the sewing machine area showed me a Viking Emerald 118 machine.  Very basic but was in our budget, so needless to say I now own a Viking machine what I wanted in the first place just doesn't do embroidery like I wanted but the sales lady stated that I can trade the machine up within a year.  DH says we will do that at Christmastime and that will be my Christmas gift.  So yippeee!!! I hope to get a machine that also embroiders as well as quilting.  Hopefully my dreams of heirloom quality quilts are not out the door afterall.  That is a good thing afterall.

So today I finished a block and finished my requirement for one of the flicker groups that I am in and need to get the thing off to the mail soon.  Then work on completing three more blocks for another group which hopefully I will get done this weekend and then will only have one more small project to do.  Then I will get back to my neices quilt and also work on a quilt that I have been promising another girl at work for over a year. 

Hopefully you will join me on my journey into the wonderful world of quilting.

Now where is that thread...

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