Sunday, May 15, 2011

Flicker and quilting

In case you are wondering I am involved in several swaps in flicker and have been busily working on completeing blocks and mug rugs.  I am happy to say I am close to being finished with all of my swap projects and am about to finish my neices quilt Lord willing.  Then onward to a co-worker's quilt that I have been promising her forever. 
She has been complaining that I have been doing other projects and not working on her quilt.  Well the reason is that I don't have the thread to complete it (it is on order should get that later this week) and the machine that I was using broke midway through the project so I have to use my bigger straight stitch machine to finish it.  Patience is not one of her virtues.  So she pitches this fit stating to me that she knows I will never complete this project and everytime that I see her she complains that she doesn't have the promised quilt.  She actually thinks that quilting only takes a few hours (I wish).  But I am taking it with a grain of salt.  I think now I somewhat understand what my mom went through when sewing garments for people who eventually became very demanding yet she kept her cool.  I guess people just don't understand the process.

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